Care for your Furniture

Our oak beam and seasoned oak furniture mostly looks after itself due to it’s robust nature. The oak beams will have splits and cracks so do not worry about this, it is natural and is how oak behaves as it matures giving it the rustic look.

Although our coffee tables and dining tables may arrive without any cracks or splits, this doesn’t meant they will not occur over time, mainly within the first few weeks while it adjusts to the new temperature it is located in. This is all totally normal behaviour for the oak.

The oil finish is the most hardy of the finishes and does not need much care, you can add additional layers over time building up protection for the oak and also to pep up the look. If it does get marked you can often lightly sand the mark and re oil it. Any wet marks should be dealt with promptly or ideally mats still used as protection.

Our wax finishes do not have the same protection as the oil and mats should be used to help avoid rings and damage. The wax can be reapplied every so often, this will help keep the oak hydrated and also keep the colour sharp.

We can also supply tins of the waxes for our Oak Beam range, so please contact us if you need to purchase a tin.


Our guidelines for general care are as follows: – 

  • Do not place your furniture near direct heat sources or air conditioning units
  • Avoid any very humid atmospheres or any changes in humidity
  • Always allow a gap behind large/tall pieces of furniture to allow air circulation
  • Wood will mature in colour quicker in direct sunlight – avoid this if possible or protect it if you don’t want this to happen
  • Always take care when moving furniture – it should be carried rather than dragged or pushed. If moving a table, lift it by the undercarriage. Due to the nature of our Oak Beam Range, most of the items are extremely heavy and so we never recommend moving any items of this furniture alone.
  • Pay attention to uneven floors and use feet or packing where necessary
  • Don’t put hot items directly on to the furniture – always use mats where appropriate
  •  Any spills should be mopped up promptly
  • Avoid the use of strong detergents on wood
  • It is advised to keep your heating as low as possible (approx 18 degrees) for as long as possible on delivery of these items as they need to  settle and adjust to their new environment. Keeping the heating low will help avoid any excess movements.
This is an example of some normal cracking appearing in a green oak beam coffee table: –
Normal cracking appearing in green oak beam coffee table