What to consider when you’re buying a dining table?

  1. How many people do you want to seat round the table?
  2. Make sure the base or leg positions don’t compromise you and your guests sitting comfortably
  3.   Choose a dining table made of sturdy stuff, I’m guessing you want it around for a while?!
  4. Do you want a wood, glass or marble top? Obviously we are all about wood tops here at Rustic Oak, but don’t rule out other options if they are right for your house
  5. Will you need to move the table often, either moving house or room if you often rearrange your house? Our tables are built to last, but being solid oak they are very heavy so you wouldn’t want to be moving it too often!
  6. What size and shape would work in your room best?
  7. Be careful of colour. That bright red table may be on-trend this year, but will you only want to change it next year?
  8. Stay classic, you really can’t beat a classic style oak table (yes we are biased!) but it suits all homes and will never date so really is worth the investment!


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