Bespoke Oak Bookcases

Furniture made of natural materials adds considerable character to a living space, so if you need somewhere suitable for your book collection what better way to add some stylish storage than with a handmade oak bookcase or two from us at Rustic Oak?

We’re known throughout Essex and beyond for making solid oak furniture of the highest quality, and our oak bookcase range offers various designs and finishes to help you find the ideal piece of furniture for your needs.

Built to order: your bespoke oak bookcase

In our standard range you may well find the design you’re looking for: choose from the traditional tall oak bookcase types we offer – or maybe you’d prefer the ‘ladder shelf’ variety? Perhaps you’d prefer a closed or open back oak bookcase design? Or perhaps you’d prefer more general storage by specifying a shelving unit?

The choices are very much yours.

If the options in our standard range aren’t quite suitable, no problem as we can create a bespoke oak bookcase design built to order as per your chosen size and finish. It’s all part of the service we’re known for, and many customers who contact us after searching for ‘oak bookcases Essex’ have gained not just a top-class bookcase, but one designed precisely for their space.

Discuss your requirements with our expert craftsmen – they enjoy creating ‘one off’ pieces of furniture, so would be delighted to build the perfect oak bookcase for your space.

You can specify your preferred finish whether you order a standard design bespoke oak bookcase or ask us to build one to your specifications.

Top quality oak bookcase designs

Our attention to detail starts before we even build your new bespoke oak bookcase.

In some designs we use seasoned oak which has been kiln dried to lower the moisture content so it doesn’t crack and move. The chunkier bookcases are made from air dried oak that has been left for several years to naturally dry thus reducing the moisture content as well.

So, for a top class natural wood piece of furniture that could be a feature of your home for years to come, talk to the handmade oak bookcase experts today.

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