Bespoke Oak Bookcases

Most homes have at least one or two bookcases or shelving units; but by choosing one or more of our handmade oak bookcases you can own a unique, stylish piece of top-quality furniture to store books, CDs or DVDs, framed photos or maybe your audio-visual equipment or micro hi-fi unit.

Our oak bookcases are available in various sizes and types. Choose from the classic bookshelf style to more of a shelving unit depending on your needs. A variety of finishes are possible including dark or medium oak effects and more.

Oak Bookcases Customised to Your Requirements

Even if one of our standard designs is not quite what you are looking for, talk to us and we can likely create a bookcase unit to your exact requirements; maybe you need a larger size to house your considerable book collection? Or something deeper than our standard depth sizes to accommodate your stereo system?

We thrive on designing and making bespoke oak bookcases and other solid oak furniture, so we are confident we can create the ideal type based on your requirements.

The oak used in our bookcases has been seasoned for a number of years reducing the moisture content significantly. However some natural cracking may occur as your dining table matures in its natural surroundings.

Top Quality Handmade Oak Bookcases in Essex

Alternatively, if you prefer the wood used in your bookshelf to be already rustic looking, then you can specify oak that has been air dried to remove most of the moisture. The choice is yours and we are happy to advise on your options as we are committed to creating bespoke oak bookcases to suit each customer’s exact requirements.

Rustic Oak is a name synonymous with top quality solid oak furniture, and we enjoy a fine reputation throughout Essex and beyond for creating handmade oak bookcases and other types of expertly crafted natural wood furniture.

Real oak furniture adds a touch of class and quality to their surroundings and, thanks to being able to tailor our handmade oak bookcases and other furniture to your exact requirements, you can have a stylish, bespoke and highly practical storage solution in your home.

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