Bespoke Oak Dining Bench

There is something unique about eating and socialising at a table made of a natural wood such as oak, and what better way to complement it than to have an oak dining bench or two also made of this natural material?At Rustic Oak, we are keen to help you benefit from the pleasures and practical benefits of owning real solid oak furniture.

Your bespoke oak dining bench options

The beauty of our dining benches and other oak furniture is our truly bespoke service; whilst offering a broad range of oak dining benches in a variety of styles and finishes, we are also happy to design and build them to your specification and measurements.

Maybe you have a dining table already and wish to add a solid oak dining bench to complement it? No problem; tell us what you need and our experienced and enthusiastic craftsmen will put their many years of experience to use in creating your perfect bespoke oak dining bench.

From our existing designs, you can choose more traditional pedestals or refectory dining benches, something more modern and minimalist with our squared off H-base bench, or maybe something for a more modern environment such as our metal based handmade oak dining bench.

Various finishes can be specified including dark, lighter or medium oak shades, a wax effect and more.

Need something different still? Talk to us and let us help.

An oak dining bench unique to you

The oak that is used for our benches is air dried or kiln dried to remove the majority of the moisture – this means the bulk of drying has occurred before you take delivery of your new handmade oak dining bench.

Choosing solid oak means your new piece of furniture is unique to you; there is nothing quite like your oak dining bench anywhere. Even if you order two or more oak dining benches, each one will be slightly different as befitting a hand-crafted product made from a natural wood.

Your new bespoke oak dining bench will last years, look great in your home thanks to being able to choose a design directly suitable for your environment, and require minimal maintenance.

Get in touch today and let the experts at Rustic Oak help create your ideal dining environment with a handmade oak dining bench.

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