Dining Tables

Bespoke Oak Dining Tables

Imagine sitting round your dining table, knowing it is totally unique to you and there is no other table quite like yours anywhere. At Rustic Oak, we specialise in creating made to order furniture out of solid oak including a range of handmade oak dining tables in a variety of styles.

Choose from the ‘old school’ refectory type to the classic ‘four legs at each corner’ style, suitable for many applications. A metal based rounded off design is a popular choice for more modern homes, or perhaps a slatted base-type will suit if a coastal or maritime theme is sought.

Oak Dining Tables Built to Your Specification

Our design variations don’t stop there! We promise a tailor-made service throughout our entire range, so you can take one of our many dining table designs and adapt it to create bespoke dining tables to your precise specification.

We love creating unique furniture for our customers, so your new piece of furniture will be more than just one of many similar styles – it will be a truly handmade oak dining table in design and finish and even oak type.

The oak used in our dining tables has been seasoned for a number of years reducing the moisture content significantly. However some natural cracking may occur as your dining table matures in its natural surroundings.

Whichever style you prefer is entirely your choice; we create bespoke dining tables of various types and would be happy to discuss the alternatives and specific designs with you.

Handmade Oak Dining Tables Make a Sound Investment

Solid oak looks wonderful, lasts for years, involves minimal maintenance and looking after and is extremely strong and durable, so it will be able to take heavy use in the decades to come.

Many enjoyable and relaxing family occasions are experienced around the dining room table, so it has to be worth investing in your very own bespoke oak dining table, created to your exact specifications.

At Rustic Oak, we would be delighted to put our many years of experience and skill at your disposal to help you create your new handmade oak dining table, so why not get in touch with us today?

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