Bespoke Oak Garden Furniture

Since the garden represents a natural environment full of organic living things such as plants and grass, what better way to complement it than with furniture made of a natural material such as oak?At Rustic Oak, we have many years’ experience building oak garden furniture to order so you are bound to be able to specify your ideal oak furniture types whether you are looking for a table, table and bench combo, pedestal set, garden chairs and more.

Top quality oak garden furniture handmade to order

How about a corner seat? Pretty much anything is possible as we specialise in not only oak garden furniture but bespoke oak garden furniture specially built to your exact specifications.

We offer a comprehensive range of oak garden furniture types, but if you require something of a different size or other design variance, then talk to the handmade oak garden furniture experts in Essex – we would be delighted to help.

Oak furniture is a real investment in your living environment; if looked after it will last many years and has a timeless quality so will not date. Many a pleasant spring and summer day in the garden can be spent sharing a convivial al fresco meal or cooling drink at one of our handmade oak garden tables or relaxing in a top-quality oak garden chair.

Along with various design options, you can choose from oak that is designed to dry and naturally crack and split as time passes – our green oak option – or specify pre-dried oak that has most of the moisture removed so will only crack and split a small amount as it settles.

Bespoke oak garden furniture makes a lasting investment

Oak looks great in many outdoor settings, whether a traditional garden with plenty of grass and greenery, an outdoor terrace with more hard surfaces, a courtyard garden, communal area or other exterior space.

Oak does not date so will look good now and into the future, and with a modicum of maintenance will last many years thus making your investment in solid handmade oak furniture well worthwhile.

Our craftsmen have helped many people create their ideal bespoke oak garden furniture, so now it is your turn. Talk to the handmade oak garden furniture experts in Essex today to discuss your requirements.

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