Oak Beam Sofas

Quality furniture is often a mainstay of a living environment, so why not combine the timeless appeal of natural wood with the comfort and style of a handmade oak beam sofa made by experienced and enthusiastic craftsmen?
Your bespoke oak beam sofa
At Rustic Oak, we’ve forged a reputation for making top quality solid oak furniture to order, so you know your oak beam sofa will be built to the size and finish you specify to suit your living area.

Your new handmade oak beam sofa will provide a stylish addition to your home and, thanks to the longevity of natural oak and the high standards of construction we adhere to, will look great for many years to come.

The beauty with an oak beam sofa built by us is the way we work with you to create the exact size and finish you’d like for your living space. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ with our furniture; our craftsmen enjoy working with our customers to create pieces totally suited to their needs.

Many people searching for ‘oak beam sofa Essex’ found Rustic Oak the ideal experts to create their perfect oak beam sofa.
An oak beam sofa as an investment
When you order your handmade oak beam sofa, you’ll be adding top class furniture made from natural wood to your home, an addition that could stay in your family for generations to come.

The construction quality we insist upon starts before we even make your new oak beam sofa. We use seasoned oak which has been air dried to reduce the moisture content so cracks, splitting or movement will be minimal adding a touch of oak’s rustic charm to your home.
Specifying your handmade oak beam sofa
Liaising with us to create your ideal bespoke oak beam sofa couldn’t be easier; our online form enables you to tell us what measurements and finish you’d like, and we’ll send you back a full quotation for your handmade sofa soon after.

We build you the base for the sofa and you can personalise it with your own cushions.

Talk to the bespoke oak beam sofa experts today.

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