Bespoke Oak Side Tables

For many households the more surfaces available the better – but space limitations often put paid to adding more larger surfaces. An elegant and stylish solution is our oak side tables – top quality handmade furniture made of solid natural wood.

Side tables are useful in so many areas of the home such as in bedrooms, lounges, hallways, studies, home offices – the list goes on. The beauty of our handmade oak side tables is the natural appearance and timeless elegance, and the option to choose a more contemporary or classic look means they look good in just about any location.

So, if you wish to add another surface somewhere in your home then one of our bespoke oak side tables is the ideal piece of top quality furniture to meet this need.

Oak side tables to order

At Rustic Oak we specialise in creating oak furniture to order; while we have a standard range to choose from these can be adapted to suit your exact requirements in terms of size and finish, and that includes our handmade oak side tables.

This customisation is ideal if you have a particular space but have experienced the frustration of being unable to find suitable furniture to fit. Now you can create a useful surface with more shelving underneath by ordering one or more of our oak side tables to the exact size of your space.

Expertise in bespoke oak side tables at your service

The oak we use in our handmade oak side tables is either air dried or kiln dried oak, which has been dried to a low moisture content to reduce any future movement so making it stable whilst retaining the characterful rustic look that makes solid oak such an elegant and homely feature. Along with the dimensions and style of your oak side table you can choose what finish you’d like – whether a dark or medium oak look or other options.

Choosing one of our bespoke oak side tables means you can provide an attractive solution to space issues with furniture you’ll be proud to own many years from now.

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