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Bespoke Oak Sink Units

A new bathroom is one of the top choices for home improvements, and what better way to enhance this important area of the home than with a handmade oak sink unit!

Natural materials such as oak easily combine aesthetically with functional bathroom equipment, such as sink basins and chrome taps, and our units combine practicality with durability and design flair.

Choosing a bespoke oak sink unit means you will enjoy a unique feature in your home as yours will not be exactly the same as anyone else’s due to the use of a natural wood: no one piece of oak is exactly the same as another.

Our handmade oak sink units can be used with a variety of basin types and designs from the classic oval style to rounded or square types and with built in storage – for bathroom products and towels for examples – is easily possible.

Your Bespoke Oak Sink Unit

Indeed, almost whatever features you desire are possible: at Rustic Oak we have founded our strong reputation for creating top quality solid oak furniture on giving our customers the chance to specify their own look and specifications, and this applies to a new handmade oak sink unit.

The type of oak we use has been air dried, so they’re already mostly formed in terms of their character and look. Some further natural cracking may occur as time passes once your new oak sink unit has spent some time in its new environment.

Alternatively, if you like the idea of your new furniture naturally weathering and drying out as time passes, we can make your oak sink unit from green oak that still has higher moisture content; it will crack and split naturally as it dries to create its rustic look.

Handmade Oak Sink Units to Suit a Variety of Bathrooms

Prefer a lighter or darker finish? That’s entirely possible and all part of the creation of your bespoke oak sink unit. Knowing we can create a handmade oak sink unit to suit your size and type requirements is a huge help when looking to incorporate one into your particular bathroom shape, whether a new one or a refit.

Even in damp environments such as bathrooms, natural oak is an ideal material to comprise part of the design adding a real touch of class, and is made practical by means of an oil finish to protect against moisture.

Discuss your requirements with us today.

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