Bespoke Oak Side Tables

The dining room is an area that lends itself to improved space utilisation, and our bespoke oak side tables are an ideal solution in that they can be specified in various designs and sizes to add practicality, character and elegance to your dining area.

Oak side tables for dining room use

Our handmade oak side tables are highly versatile with the dining room being one of many areas in the home they can enhance. Many of our customers originally find us through searching for ‘oak side tables Essex’ have ended up ordering oak side tables for dining room use.

Our tailor-made design service means you can choose from several options including chunky look oak side tables, taller types, a nest of tables, a cube-style design or a pedestal type with a glass top.

Combining these design style options with building your dining room oak side tables to your exact size specification means with our help you can easily create a practical and elegant look to your dining area.

Dining room oak side tables can perform a variety of practical uses from showing off ornaments, framed photos or adding to available surfaces when serving meals – somewhere to put the salad bowl, extra plates or the wine cooler for example.

Bespoke oak side tables to your exact design

Along with a multitude of sizes and design types, you can choose oak side tables in various finishes including light, medium or dark oak shades.

Furthermore, the care we put into creating our handmade oak side tables starts before we even start building them. The oak we use is carefully air or kiln dried to remove most of the moisture to ensure its stability, yet preserve the rustic look that gives oak its natural character.

One or more of our oak side tables is an ideal way of making the most of your dining room in terms of adding style and practicality that will look good for many years to come.

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